Penny Hardy

Portfolio: NEWS

Kawasaki Precision Engineering, Plymouth - New wall Sculpture

A 3m tall wall sculpture was installed in the entrance foyer of the new extension at the Kawasaki Factory in Plymouth.  The aim of this sculpture is to convey the nature of Kawasaki’s engineering business using the raw materials and parts found within machinery as a canvas to create an image that relates to the history and story behind the country and culture that generates this very successful business.

I researched the meaning of the name ‘Kawasaki’ which in literal terms is ‘Kawa’ meaning river and ‘Saki’ meaning cape/peninsula.

I have long admired the beautiful, delicate prints by Hiroshige and thought these would be a worthy inspiration, informing the idea behind this sculpture.

Blown Away Goes to Rome, Italy

Impression No. 2 of  You Blew Me Away takes up residence in her new home on a rooftop terrace in the centre of Rome.  She is very happy there, after a long trip down and is very much enjoying the views and warmth of this beautiful city.

 Yin & Yang goes to Bestival, 5 - 8 September Isle of Wight

Yin & Yang will be on display in Temple Island at Bestival music festival. Temple island area as well as being a music area is an immersive arts area and chill out area.